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Frequently Asked Questions About Intellectual Property

Inventors and entrepreneurs can rely on our law firm for help in protecting their intellectual property in Wisconsin and throughout the United States and the world. They can also come to us with questions on maintaining control of their rights and the steps to take to commercialize and license their creative work. Specific questions include:

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property (IP) involves intangible assets associated with a company’s technological innovation. Defined as “intangible assets,” they must meet certain criteria to secure the right to exclude others from using that personal property.

What are common myths and misconceptions?

While a patent provides you the right to exclude others from using your idea, the product is not necessarily yours unless every aspect of the creation is something completely new. Another patent in place could prevent you from securing your own patent or even using your new product. New ideas on an existing invention require an agreement with the individual currently holding the patent if that patent is still in force.

Having a patent does not mean millions of dollars will roll in immediately. The patent is only the first of many steps and requires someone who can effectively and successfully market their invention.

Why do I need legal representation for my intellectual property?

The process is daunting without an experienced attorney. Numerous and highly complex rules and regulations exist that govern the protection of ideas, iterations and innovations. Attention to detail and strict deadlines are paramount, else your hard work could be given to the public for FREE and FOREVER. Not doing it right the first time can result in the government rejecting your patent, keeping your fee and forcing you to start over (if it is not too late already!).

What specific intellectual property services do you provide?

We help with trade secrets, nondisclosure agreements, contracts, copyrights, trademarks/service marks and patents. You can find more specific information on our IP page.

What if I suspect that someone is infringing on my intellectual property rights?

Take proactive steps to ensure, both your present and your future rights, with a lawyer who can create the documents that help you protect your innovations as you grow and succeed. Contact an IP lawyer in Appleton today.

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