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A Comprehensive Intellectual Property (IP) Practice

At Bendel IP Legal LLC, we are committed to protecting the rights of creators and inventors in Wisconsin as they do business throughout the country and the world. Their hard work in developing cutting-edge creations can be undone in a split second when competitors or ex-staff members violate agreements or simply take what does not belong to them.

The Need For Representation From An Experienced IP Lawyer

Specific areas of our intellectual property practice include the following:

  • Trade secrets — A majority of companies rely on trade secrets as paramount in protecting intellectual property. Federal and state laws are in place to protect them. Serious criminal and civil penalties exist for violations.
  • Nondisclosure agreements/contracts — Mutual agreements that cover the use of confidential information or actions have benefits and enforceable rights for both parties. While many pacts are verbal, drafting written contracts provides more protection should violations occur.
  • Patents — According to the United States Supreme Court, inventors can secure a patent for “anything under the sun that is made by man.” It gives owners of useful and novel products the right to prevent others from making, using, selling or importing infringing alternatives. The process is complicated, lengthy and expensive, not to mention presenting challenges in maintaining and enforcing, so you need to get it right.
  • Copyrights — Easier to secure and lasting longer than patents, copyrights protect writing and other forms of expression from unauthorized copying, modification, display or distribution. Protection can last up to 120 years and focuses on the expression of an idea but not the actual idea itself.
  • Trademarks and Service Marks — Words, names and symbols that identify goods or services can be critical to distinguish your products from others. Protected by state and federal law, trademarks and service marks must be specific. Protection starts the moment a “mark” is used and lasts as long as it is in use.

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