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A Successful Business Has Many Moving Parts

The sum of your enterprise’s long-term viability is a result of strategic planning, defined budgets, regular management of your assets – both tangible and intangible – seeking and utilizing opportunities effectively, protecting your market share and maintaining profitability. Accomplishing all of these without support of experienced guidance can be daunting.

At Bendel IP Legal LLC, we have the business and commercial law insight you need for:

  • Entity formations – Discerning whether a partnership, limited liability corporation, S corporation or sole proprietorship will best serve your venture
  • Advertising, marketing, public relations – Innovative and cost-effective guidance to efficiently reach your target audience and stay ahead of your competition
  • Commercial transactions – Negotiations, reviewing and drafting contracts to mitigate costly future litigation
  • Production regulations – Counsel and advice for remaining in compliance with local, state and federal regulations for your product as well as for the process of producing it
  • Risk-balancing – Growing your business will involve timely risk-taking in an ever-changing marketplace
  • Intellectual property – Confidentiality, patents, copyrights, trade secrets and know-how protections; licensing agreements

When you have an experienced commercial law advocate helping you identify and develop your business plan, you can successfully drive your profitability.

Fresh Business Trend Perspectives For Successfully Winning In The Marketplace

Staying ahead of the needs of your business – and the needs of an evolving marketplace – is a moving target. However, with an attorney who keeps up with trends running alongside you, your business stands to win with a long-term game plan.

With nearly two decades of experience as in-house patent and general legal counsel to several Kimberly-Clark consumer product businesses, attorney Mike Bendel has worked closely in all stages of developing new products from early product concept through life cycle maintenance in the “real-world” marketplace.

Seasoned Guidance Is A Phone Call Away

Attention to all the fine details can be exhausting on your own. Get a knowledgeable attorney to help you by calling Bendel IP Legal LLC at 920-335-1443 for your free consultation. Attorney Bendel is looking forward to helping your business achieve tangible results with your intangible rights. Reach out online.